Welcome to Andy!

We are delighted to announce that Andy Franzkowiak has joined the No Feedback team! We are very excited to be working with him.

Andy is an award winning creative producer who specialises in devising science & art projects, particularly site-specific theatre, art installation and film. His work includes the critically acclaimed Enlightenment Café – a series of multidisciplinary art and science collaborations. Notable productions include Deadinburgh, Summerhall, Edinburgh; The Festival of Dreams, Brighton Fringe; The Institute of Impossibility, Coventry Mysteries Festival; and Shrinking Space, an examination of the solar system. Andy has formed innovative partnerships with several institutions and individuals, including: European Space Agency, University of Edinburgh, UCL, Heriot Watt University, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Warwick. Previous: Punchdrunk, The Old Vic Tunnels, Southbank Centre, BBC.

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Performance Accomplished!

We had a wonderful two nights testing our material on very encouraging audiences at The Rag Factory! The feedback we received was invaluable and we are looking forward to putting it into practice as we continue to develop No Feedback!

production photos below courtesy of Will Jennings 

8/10 Stages

Central to the research and development of our performance, has been Genocide Watch’s document: The 8 Stages of Genocide. This document has been key to our understanding of the process that leads to genocide. This is an existing theoretical framework, that we are using as an initial performance structure. We have recently noted that this document has been revised and is now The 10 Stages of Genocide. Our next research period will allow us to explore this further. . .

New Team Members

We are very excited to welcome four talented performers to the No Feedback team. They will be joining us for our next research and development period at The Centre for Postcolonial Studies at Goldsmiths University in April. More info to follow shortly, but for now, the new team members are: Genevieve Maxwell, Irene Wernli, Jen Plants and Lizzie Sells.

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We have just spent the last two days running workshops for each other with the aim of finding a direction to focus on for our next showing of No Feedback.

Things we know now: We want to work with objects and have some kind of audience ‘tool kit’ that is filled with objects and clues. We want to develop a performance language focused on the notions of responsibility and dependence.

Marco took us on a journey around Canary Wharf by giving us a map of the area with a map of Auschwitz superimposed on it. We were startled at how readily our minds took up the proposition and what we started to see and hear in Canary Wharf.

photo (1) photo (2) photo (3) photo (4)

Why Now?

In our further research, we have been asking ourselves the question of why we should be making this work, and why we should be making it now? Marco has found some material that might help us answer those questions:

Julian Assange in conversation with Slavoj Zizek moderated by Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman

The Act of Killing

This astonishing film has left us speechless both in terms of the subject matter and the director’s ability to use creativity to tell a harrowing story. There is a huge amount of food for thought here about our responsibility to our subject matter and also the legitimacy for telling our own stories with regard to it.