R&D day 6

An initial structure has started to develop. We set the lifting material that we developed in the past two days. But we also got caught up in talking a bit much today. We guess that’s what happens when you work on such interesting material!

We were very satisfied by the amount of work we accomplished and by the great atmosphere in the room. It is now time to step away and make some decisions before we meet again

We were also relieved we didn’t have too many bruises at the end of the day! Despite the subject we are dealing with, it was great fun!



R&D day 5

We explored different ways of delivering text–one of these ways involved the performer being fed recorded text through headphones while trying to reproduce it exactly at the same time. The results were hilarious and the everyday image of people engaging with their mobile phones was an interesting contrast with the other material that we had generated.

It also became clear today that we need to sit down and write a script!

Marco revealed some very exciting ideas for the audience kits which involved tasting. . .

IMG_2498 IMG_2509

R&D day 4

Incredible day with all the performers! We spent our time researching the overall language for the performance. We explored physical ideas of dependence and reliance through working in pairs and as a large ensemble.

A question we need to resolve is when we are the ‘scientist’, are we one group all doing one thing together, or are we a group of individuals who are all doing the same thing?