Today is the Day


Today we share No Feedback with Budapest. The city has welcomed all of the company with kindness, delicious food at every turn, and (mostly) sunny skies.

The Open Society Institute has continued to offer generous support–whether the need was an expert audio technician or potatoes. (Making a performance is to continually leap between the simple and the complex, the micro and the macro.)


The performance space here at the Central European University is extraordinary–full of light, marble walls, and room enough for everyone at the performance to choose to connection or isolation.


Over breakfast, the company’s conversation turned to today’s international news. If we cannot break the pattern of othering, of classification, of symbolization, and so on down the contiuum to genocide, what hope is there for peace?

No Feedback is not a solution, but it is an engagement tool. By inviting you to embody, we create the opportunity for you to experience empathy. To ensure common rights for all of humanity, we cannot simply be observers of the performances in the world.

To Budapest.

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