Next Stop: Budapest

Tucked away in a black box (through the generosity of Queen Mary University,) the entire No Feedback ensemble has gathered this week. After a year of research and development since the project’s premiere at Theatre Delicatessen, No Feedback is preparing to meet an audience beyond the UK.

On Monday, June 20, No Feedback will be presented in Budapest, at the Open Society Internship for Rights and Governance (OSIRG) Clinical Seminar. The invitation from the Open Society Foundation affords us the opportunity to share our work with an international audience of academics focused on global human rights’ issues. The performance and workshop held at the School of Public Policy at Central European University is the launch of a new phase of No Feedback‘s long-term vision.

Our work grows more complex as the company explores and refines the dissonance between language and action, rituals as way to simultaneously hide from and confront horror, and the way performances continue to speak to and be informed by contemporary global contexts.

Studio time alternates between the most complex questions created by the powers that traffic in “othering” to the most practical (Where can you get stage weights in Hungary?)

We are delighted to be traveling to Hungary to be part of the OSIRG Seminar. Each performance not only interrogates the roles and assumptions of the audience, but creates a framework that allows the audience to question the performers as well. We can’t wait to see what we are asked.

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