Schools Campaign

Here’s the thing about making theatre: you want to make work for real audiences, rather than just other theatremakers. Ideal audiences are representative of your community–your actual community, not just the artists in your extended network.

Getting work out to your actual community is hard. Barriers are everywhere: ticket prices, the fear of “new work,” performance schedules, the allure of just staying home! All of these can get in the way of relevant work reaching real audiences.

No Feedback is an immersive performance about discrimination and the politics of fear, as it charts the descent of a community. The spine of the performance utilises the “10 Stages of Genocide,” a document created by Genocide Watch, which charts the journey from identification and symbolism to genocide and denial.

It’s an ideal project to spark young people to activate the lessons of history and present-day conflicts into their own practice of living. In London. Right here and now.

But to do that, we have to get those young people to the theatre, and that takes money.

No Feedback is grateful for its partners in the arts (Arts Council England, Theatre Delicatessen) and its mission (The Anne Frank Trust, Aegis Trust, 89up, Remembering Srebrenica, The Wiener Library and Genocide Watch,)  but we still need you. Grant funding is almost always dependent on having other funders already committed, and performance projects generally only raise half the necessary funds of production through ticket sales. Bringing performances to those who wouldn’t or can’t buy a ticket requires even more funding.

If you’re reading this, we hope you’ll buy a ticket to experience No Feedback firsthand, but we’d like to ask you to consider making a donation to reach young people through special performances for school and community groups. Just think of the impact we’d have if everyone reading this just gave £10 or even just £5 each. (Though for a £500 donation, you can have dinner with the entire No Feedback creative team and spend an evening discussion how art can be a valuable cultural disrupter. )

Find us here on Indiegogo, and however you decide to engage with No Feedback, as a donor, audience member, or even just a blog reader, thank you.



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