March Intensive

Five days. Six performers. One producer. One work-in-progress showing. All supported by one innovative company that supports emerging theatremarkers.

The No Feedback team met for another five-day development intensive in late March. The extraordinary view from the fourth floor of Theatre Delicatessen‘s latest digs in Farringdon offered a constant reminder that we are making work not in a bubble, but for a city.

photo (1)

The audience experience is at the center of No Feedback. This is not a “sit quietly in your seat and offer polite applause at the end” kind of theatrical experience. Work like this is hard to create in a vacuum, and as our team expands and our partners grow, so does our vision.

It grows increasingly challenging to talk about No Feedback in concrete ways, as it is immersive, personal and experiential. The rehearsal process is full of surprises, and a little like nothing we’ve all done before. So what is our work about?

No Feedback is about bodies.

Dancing March Intensive

No Feedback is about language.

Talking March Intensive 2

No Feedback is about listening.


No Feedback is about questions.

Putting it Together March Intensive

It’s about fear and delight and leaders and followers too, but those things are hard to capture in a rehearsal photo. For now, we continue to create, revise, and work, with Londoners at the heart of what we are making.

Looking March Intensive

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