Where are we now?

Where are we now?

DSC_6505 small

When you’re working in an ensemble, this seems like a constant question. Where are we now? Who are we now? WHY are we now?

No Feedback was born under individual leadership and is now an ensemble-based work, led by that original vision. Ensembles are messy and powerful and vital. So how do we create ours? Who are now?

The team members of No Feedback met in January for a five-day intensive at Theatre Deli. Our main work was to generate new material and to build on the previous scratch presentations, but our work was also focused on strengthening our ensemble and our individual roles within it. We went about both of these tasks in sometimes unusual ways.

We made puppets of ourselves.


We experimented with marching and examined its meaning.

We planned structure from the audience’s point of view.

You can learn more about the individual members of the No Feedback team here, and you can find out how puppets, marching and an audience fit together to make a whole at Theatre Deli in May.

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